Python multiprocessing Manager로 custom class 공유하기

BaseManager에 커스텀 클래스를 register하면 된다. 나머지는 그냥 원래 Manager 쓰는 거랑 똑같이 쓰면 된다.

import asyncio
import aiohttp

from multiprocessing.managers import BaseManager

class Session:
    def __init__(self, beta_engine=False):        
        process = self._init_session()
    async def _init_session(self):
        self.session = aiohttp.ClientSession()
class MyManager(BaseManager):

MyManager.register('Session', Session)

with MyManager() as manager:
    session = manager.Session()
import multiprocessing
from multiprocessing.managers import BaseManager, NamespaceProxy

class Counter(object):
  def __init__(self):
    self.value = 0

  def update(self, value):
    self.value += value

def update(counter_proxy, thread_id):

class CounterManager(BaseManager):

class CounterProxy(NamespaceProxy):
  _exposed_ = ('__getattribute__', '__setattr__', '__delattr__', 'update')

  def update(self, value):
    callmethod = object.__getattribute__(self, '_callmethod')
    return callmethod(self.update.__name__, (value,))

CounterManager.register('Counter', Counter, CounterProxy)

def main():
  manager = CounterManager()

  counter = manager.Counter()
  pool = multiprocessing.Pool(multiprocessing.cpu_count())
  for i in range(10):
    pool.apply(func = update, args = (counter, i))

  print 'Should be 10 but is %s.' % counter.value

if __name__ == '__main__':
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